Bicycle Face and SoLow Promos

Today’s podcast features the SoLow production, “Bicycle Face”. Melissa Amilani had the opportunity to sit down with the team behind this piece and explore its origins. This episode also features promo spots signified by the tuning in of a radio. These promos spots feature “Human & Autisman” by John Cherney and “The Dirty Word Club” by Michelle Pauls. These are just a  few of the many productions featured in the 2015 SoLow Festival. Stay Tuned!




Set in Philadelphia and framed by a feminist theory class taught in the year 2125, Bicycle Face tells the interconnected stories of three fictional women, separated by a century each, navigating the changing landscape of feminism, censorship and cycling.

Come check out Hannah Van Sciver’s solo show, running for five performances from June 19-21st. Seating is limited! Reserve a spot at:

HUMAN & AUTISMAN                             First, behavioral therapist John Cherney tells a story of working alongside autism, aggression, and isolation. Half personal, half theoretical. Human & Autisman stands right between the idea that we’re all competing, and that we’re all one. Human & Autisman



The Dirty Word Club

THE DIRTY WORD CLUB by Michelle Pauls
What are your weird impulses? Mines have to do with secret clubs, driving off bridges and alien kidnappings, and maybe some Ukrainian throat singing and hula-hooping thrown in for good measure. A SoLow show for anyone who’s ever been weird.

In my first solo endeavor, I explore some episodes of weirdness in my life: starting the Dirty Word Club in 3rd Grade, smoking something wacky for the first time, heavy petting with Sister Regina in Middle School. The Dirty Word Club


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SoLow Promos on REP RADIO!

SoLow Festival





We’re doing it again! Since, we are huge fans of SoLow Festival, we are giving the artists an opportunity to tease their work over our airwaves. FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit to get all the details and submit your work!

Come, Share your voice with us!

Stay Tuned! REP RADIO is On The Air!

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On Today’s podcast, I am reunited with a dear friend and now, published author, Daniel Dw. In our 16-year friendship, we have bounced many creative ideas off of each other and the greatest fear was the thought of ever having to let one go. We’ve adopted the idea of creating “artistic boxes” to keep all of our ideas fresh and in the episode, we explore Daniel’s collection in a world of science fiction centered around a futuristic piece of software that is the nerve center for the Hive Transmedia Project. Propolis is the first novella in the series that well combine multiple artistic platforms to create a great escape! Wonder where this idea came from? Find out as we go “Inside The Writer’s Mind” with Daniel Dw. Stay Tuned!



Propolis is part one of the Hive ongoing series. Perhaps the first of its kind, this book is one part apocalyptic literature and one part interactive media. Through scannable QR codes, readers will have changing and evolving story enhancements in the form of soundtrack, video and real world interactive easter egg hunt.

In 2023, Hive (human interface for virtual evolution) is an augmented-reality technology that consolidates an individual’s devices and technology into a holographic visual display that is projected from their mind. Millions connect and become a collective consciousness, while The Disconnected are left in its wake; forced to adapt to a primitive lifestyle in the outskirts of Hive cities. Conflict is inevitable, however the reality behind Hive may be even stranger than anyone realized.

Propolis follows nine-year-old Samantha Plessis, as she witnesses her family opt-in to beta testing this new product to receive health insurance benefits to treat her immune disorder. Since her disease prevents her from connecting to Hive, she becomes gradually alienated by her family whose method of communication is now changing.

Hive is a science-fiction transmedia project told through a series of books, films, social media and real-world interactive events. This six-part novella series is the main narrative. The story takes place from the year 2023 to 2050.




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Take a trip “To The Moon” with #1812Productions!

On Today’s podcast, we begin Season 6 with a trip “To The Moon”…well, to “South Fil-Delphia”, to meet with Artistic Director, Jennifer Childs who penned this homage production of “To The Moon”. We were also joined by Scott Greer whose character, Scottie channels the memorable stylings of Jackie Gleason’s most notable portrayals. Stay Tuned!

To The Moon B


In To The Moon, celebrated Philadelphia actor, and Barrymore Award winner, Scott Greer plays brash, put-upon, and underemployed actor Scottie, whose fantasy life frequently invades his real one. Working as a standardized patient, rehearsing different illnesses for medical students rehearsing to be doctors, Scottie dreams of becoming the captain of his own destiny like his idol, Jackie Gleason. After discovering an unproduced script from The Jackie Gleason Show, Scottie sets his sights on fame and excess, knowing that if one wants to be the best, one has to act the part. In Scottie’s words, “Gleason? Nobody told him what to do. He wanted to eat, he ate. He wanted to drink, he drank. He wanted to smoke, he smoked. He wanted to have his own show, he had his own show.” Barrymore Award nominee Anthony Lawton plays Scottie’s neighbor and best pal, Lawton. Ever an optimist, and slightly aloof, Lawton is also an actor working a less-than-ideal circuit of historical reenactments, children’s parties, and hot dog commercials. Down but not out, Lawton is a perfect sidekick for Scottie’s schemes.


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Doing Dahmer

Today’s podcast features Josh Hitchens, who always seems to have an iron in the fire. His solo piece focused on the life of  serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer from the point of view of Dahmer himself. Society has a great interest in understanding what goes on in the minds of people whose actions are not like any we would perform. Or, maybe we all have a serial streak that we repress. Either way, it’s a safe way to explore inside the mind and attempt to draw similarities and differences. Stay Tuned!
Spend some time with one of the most infamous serial killers in this country’s history. This one-man show will bring you up close and personal with the criminal himself. Written and Performed by Josh Hitchens and receiving its first full stage production after workshopping in the Philadelphia area. No matter how you feel about Jeffrey Dahmer and the atrocities he committed, you cannot run from the cultural question we ask every time a monster is found in our midst: Are they guilty? Or are they Insane?
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Long Ago and Far Away

Experimental theater is alive and well in Philadelphia. REP RADIO alum, Hank Curry, brought his latest to our attention and he had to sit down to discuss how this piece of art would take place in a Row Home. Stay Tuned.


Tracking the saga of the human condition from the dawn of time to the end of the world, can two actors tell the complete story of human history within the confines of a Philadelphia Row Home? Join us on a journey through time and story, from the first man and woman to the last, as we tell the epic, intimate, romantic, and ridiculous true fairy tale of the human race.

Approx. 45 mins

Friday April 17 – 8:00 PM
Saturday April 18 – 8:00 PM
Sunday April 19 – 8:00 PM

Where: 6th and Snyder, South Philly

For specific address and to reserve tickets, contact Steph Iozzia at

Seating is limited, please reserve in advance.
Pay what you can.

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The Submission

Has it ever really crossed your mind, the origin of a story that plays out on a stage, movie or tv screen? Does it matter? Have we gotten to a point in society that if a story does not have the politically correct back story, that it’s considered invalid? We here at REP RADIO never really thought about it until we sat down with playwright Jeff Talbott and Artistic Director Rich Rubin of the Quince Productions offering, “The Submission”. Stay Tuned.


A young caucasian playwright pens a play under a pseudonym about growing up poor and African-American. When a major theater festival wants to do his play, he hires an African-American actress to “play” the playwright. His boyfriend can’t talk him out of it, his best friend can’t talk him out of it, and the actress herself has doubts. But the plan proceeds with some hilarious results. An important play, funny and powerful, as questions of prejudice and acceptance are considered within the comic framework.


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