Defining “A Life In The Theatre”

Today’s podcast is about beginnings. Bill Van Horn and Davy Raphaely think back to their first introductions to the theatre as we explore this early Mamet piece, “A Life In The Theatre”. Following a veteran and an aspiring newcomer through a repertory year, the production explores the relationships and transitions that make A life in the theatre what it is. Stay Tuned!



The title says it all! It’s A Life in the Theatre. In this behind-the-scenes comedy, Robert, an older experienced performer and John, a newcomer to the stage, share both a dressing room and the spotlight. The play gives us a glimpse into the complex relationship that develops as the torch is passed from one generation to the next – a passing that wavers from love and mutual respect to impatience and resentment. Pulitzer Prize-winner David Mamet’s A Life in the Theatre is a delightful theatrical experience for anyone who loves the world of Broadway.


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Frankenstein of one-man!

Today’s podcast features Josh Hitchens, a well too familiar guest of REP RADIO. He’s here to talk about the one-man production of Frankenstein, a site-specific event where the College of Physicians of Philadelphia plays host! This tale of horror and the Mütter Museum are a perfect match! Stay Tuned!


A strange and terrifying story will be confessed to the brave few who risk an evening with a mysterious, tortured creature and its famed creator.  Views of the Museum Gallery and the rarely seen Mitchell Ballroom will transport audience members as they accompany host Josh Hitchens in his many forms throughout this site-specific production of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  Robert D. Hicks, PhD (Director of the Mütter Museum and the Historical Medical Library, and the William Maul Measey Chair for the History of Medicine) will delight curious participants with his elucidation of the science of electromagnetism.  His insights will be delivered through the spectacle of illuminated projection!  Join us for this exclusive tour of sights and scenes you’ve read of, but never expect to see.

Josh Hitchens is a Philadelphia-based director, actor, and playwright specializing in classic and contemporary tales of horror.  Since 2011 he has performed one man shows including Stoker’s Dracula, A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Hitchens is a current resident director at BrainSpunkand Creative Director of the Victorian Theatre program at the historic Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion.

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Always Coming Soon: The Future

Today’s podcast features Brat Productions. At a special happy hour leading up to a weekend event, Melissa Amilani caught up with Jess Conda and the gang to explore the production, “Always Coming Soon: The Future”.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 1.17.12 AM


Feel more in  The Future!  Dream better in  The Future!   Live forever in  The Future! In this  rock and roll cabaret, BRAT Productions tells the story of a troupe of misfit vagabonds who find a machine in a trash heap. As they struggle to decide whether or not to step inside, they reveal more questions than answers: what happens when the time passing is the only thing that is happening? Is the moment to come greater than the moments before? Are all of our best moments already behind us?

Original Music by Peter Gaffney
Stage Direction by Scott Sheppard
Creator/Performers: Tabitha Allen, Jess Conda, Rob Cutler, Justin Rose

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Knock, Knock…”Nobody’s Home”!

On today’s podcast, we explore what started as a SoLow production and has blossomed into a touring event where every production is different than the last. Melissa Amilani comes a knocking. But, “NOBODY’S HOME”. Stay Tuned!



A mysterious voice, a shadowy owl, platters of strange fruit, surprise special guests, hot oil massages, and a coyote all become bedfellows in Nobody’s Home, a multi-sensory meditation-comedy on the nature of nothing, performed for extraordinary audiences in ordinary bedrooms.


Written by Mason Rosenthal and Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews
Starring Mason Rosenthal as Nobody
Direction and set by Morgan FitzPatrick Andrews
Original music by Jonathan Pfeffer
Costumes by Rebecca Kanach
Choreography by Chelsea Murphy and Magda San Millan
Logo by Kylin Metler

Nobody’s Home premiered in a bedroom above Headlong Studios in South Philadelphia as part of the SoLow Festival and has since appeared in more than 25 venues around the U.S., including at the New Orleans Fringe Festival where audiences experienced it onboard an RV.


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Discussing #Curio’s “The Matter of Frank Shaefer”

On today’s podcast, we return to Curio Theatre Company. The company has followed the case of Frank Shaefer to create an up to the minute retelling of the whole matter. Melissa Amilani gets the details. Stay Tuned!



A World Premiere

With gay marriage being legal in 32 states plus D.C., how will religious organizations who now deny marriage to same-sex couples respond? Our play,The Matter of Frank Schaefer, witnesses the United Methodist Church grappling with that very question. Based on the unprecedented religious trial of the Reverend Frank Schaefer, Curio’s new play is an assemblage of discrimination, defiance, love, family and passionate testimony. Still, countless interviews and research have not yet yielded an ending for the play The Matter of Frank Schaefer as this defiant pastor will have his case taken to the United Methodist’s highest court, the Judicial Council. It looks like the Judicial Council will not only decide the fate of The Reverend Frank Schaefer but it will also decide the ending of The Matter of Frank Schaefer.


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