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Today’s podcast is packed with guests! This is a live show we did for the Philadelphia Podcast Festival in August. Our guests: Albert Lee, Shelli Pentimall-Bookler, Brett Mapp and Seth Reichgott. This episode is co-hosted by Darnelle Radford and Ken Cohen. Stay Tuned!






The second annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival seeks to entertain and educate using the digital medium of podcasting. The 2014 festival showcases nineteen of Philadelphia’s premier podcasts during five days of live episode recordings.
In 2014, participating podcasts include Storyshuffle, Sex with Timaree, Talking Nerdy, The Pincushion, Rep Radio, Gettin’ Close, Comedy Food Sports, Stark Raven Mad, Left Fielding, Down and Out Radio, LesBe Real Radio, Master Of The Arts, Didja Eat?, Action Phase, UNspoiled!, Never Forget Radio, The Eric Toddcast, Going to Hell and Black Tribbles.

Stand Back I’m Gonna Yuke!

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South Philly Review – 8/28/2014 -


#Philadelphia #Podcast #Festival gets its geek on

The five-day event funneled South Philly geekdom into earbuds.

Darnelle Radford, a native of the 2100 block of Latona Street, also participated in the Podcast Fest as a voracious local theater podcaster. His journey started in ’04 when he founded his own Represented Theatre Company. Rep Radio came years later when he decided he wanted to help his fellow theater companies get the word out about their work. “An inside look at the plays and players,” as Radford put it.

“I wanted to create a vehicle that was designed to help smaller companies that didn’t have those marketing dollars. I’ve been inspired by so many creative artists – I wanted to find a way to promote new work. That’s where Represented came from,” he said.

They send out an average of 70-75 podcasts a year and time the release so that, when updates happen overnight on Monday morning, you’ve got a new podcast waiting for you, and the hope is that it sends you to box offices.

His time as an Apple employee in Ardmore showed him that smart phones are great tools to get one’s podcasts heard.

“At Apple, I see people who can’t keep their eyes off their gadget. By lunchtime they could buy tickets and by the time they get off of work they could be planning their evening, which is partly why we release our episodes on Mondays at 6 a.m. Their devices do their updates, and they get a new Rep Radio when they open it up.”

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The Happiest Place on Earth?

On today’s podcast we are joined by the producer/performers Mary Monahan and Gina Lemoine and director Craig Baldwin of the FringeNYC production of “MAGIC KINGDOM”, not to be confused with the theme park that shall not be named during this episode. Stay Tuned!



When Cory gets a frantic and mysterious voicemail from his vacationing sister, he makes the trip to Orlando, Florida, to see what’s gone wrong. What he discovers is a sister seemingly gone insane, a young niece he must somehow look after, and a theme park full of irresistible temptations. MAGIC KINGDOM is a blend of autobiography, satire, and drama told through monologues, images, scenes, and music.


Direct Ticket Links:

FRI 8 @ 9   MON 11 @ 4   SAT 16 @ 2:15   WED 20 @ 8:45   SAT 23 @ 2:15


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“Breathe” Dragon’s Breath!

On today’s podcast, I am joined by writer Michael O’Day, director Mikaela Kafka, Lorinda Lisitza and Hannah Sloat of the Fringe NYC production of “Dragon’s Breath”. We talk about cults, e-books and crazy internet trolls. All of which can be found in this play. Stay Tuned!



A Young Adult paranormal romance writer who accidentally creates a dangerous cult. Justine Drake is a first-time writer navigating the unfamiliar worlds of e-publishing, fantasy conventions, and internet trolls in an effort to see her Dragon’s Breath books in print alongside the likes of The Hunger Games and Twilight. Her efforts take an unexpected turn, however, when her books form the bible of a religious movement hatched by her number-one fan.


Twitter: @Drag0nsBreath

Direct Ticket Links:

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Ryan Is Lost in NYC!

Today’s podcast features writer Nathan Wellman, talking about his production of “Ryan Is Lost”, making its East coast debut at Fringe NYC. Winner of the Hollywood Fringe – Spirit of Fringe Award for Best Writing, Best Female Performance and Nominated for Best male Performance. Stay Tuned!


“Let’s just sit. Nothing bad can happen if we just sit.”

Frank and Avis are a brother and sister who have lost their nephew, Ryan, in a mall. They wait at a pre- agreed-upon meeting spot for him to show up. Even as it becomes increasingly obvious that the boy is never coming back, that more action is needed, they’re too terrified to do anything more. Instead they stay at their bench, tearing into each other about their own personal tragedies. By the second half of the play, the characters have become so wrapped up in their individual loneliness and failures that they’ve practically forgotten why they’re waiting at the bench in the first place. Many times they even forget they have a nephew. All they know is that they’re waiting for a faceless miracle that will never come to show up and fix their lives. It becomes increasingly clear that they will never find Ryan because they are just as lost as he is.



Direct Ticket Links:

THU 14 @ 7:45   SUN 17 @ NOON   WED 20 @ 8:30   FRI 22 @ 2:30   SUN 24 @ 4

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